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The Death of Colonel Burnaby at Abu Klea, 17 January 1885
battle of ferozeshah

The Victorian Military Society (VMS) was founded in 1974 to foster interest in military aspects of the Victorian period, later extended to 1914 so as to include the campaigns of the early part of the twentieth century. The VMS is principally concerned with the forces of the British Empire and its adversaries but does not exclude other armies.


The society is involved in lectures, exhibitions and assistance with research by members of the public into family history. The results of this, together with items of interest, are published in our quarterly journal Soldiers of the Queen. In addition, matters of immediate interest are circulated in an electronic newsletter called Soldier’s Small Book.

VMS SOTQ Journal Issue 185 Front Cover (web)-1.png

J O I N / R E N E W

VMS SOTQ Journal Issue 184 Front Cover (web)-1.png

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