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Soldiers of the Queen - Issue 171 (Summer 2018)

We have David Howell on Sir Harry Burnett Lumsden, whose long service in India took in both the First and Second Anglo-Sikh Wars, the Indian Mutiny and numerous campaigns on the North West Frontier.


Mike Hinton gives us a fascinating account of the impact of an outbreak of cholera at Scutari military hospital during the Crimean War, while Andrew Winrow takes us on a fascinating visit to the modest house in Stokesley, yorkshire, that provided the armoury for the 9th North Riding Rifle Volunteers, and a new SOTQ contributor, Wendell Schollander, gives his observations on the uniforms of Scottish regiments, both Highland and Lowland, in the late-Victorian and Edwardian period.


Rodney Atwood analyses the tactics that enabled Sir Redvers Buller to redeem his reputation as a commander after initial failures in the early stages of the Second Anglo-Boer War, and, finally, we have a range of book reviews by Roger Stearn and Dan Allen.


Available now.

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In this issue...             'Lumsden of The Guides'

Twelve Scottish Regiments

The Armoury

A short lived cholera epidemic in Scutari during November 1855

The Anglo-Boer War Diary of Private Charles Holmes, 2nd Northamptonshire Regiment

Sir Redvers Buller in South Africa: A Royal Artillery View

Book Reviews

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